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I love camping. There’s nothing I enjoy more than spending quality time in a quality place with quality people. So, I’ve created a community for just that: Family Camping Europe. Family Camping Europe is my new Facebook community to discuss all things camping in (of course) Europe – and YES that does include the UK.

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What Is Family camping Europe

Family camping Europe is a place where you can share the good and bad experiences of camping and  help other families decide where to spend their Summer camping trips. We all like different things. Some people like camping in quiet and peaceful nature, while others love the loud buzz of a resort style campsite. What’s your preference? Discuss it in the group…

Have you been to a campsite in Europe you absolutely loved? One you’d recommend to everyone? then shout about it in here!!

Been to a campsite that was horrible and you’d advise people never to go? Rant about it here!

Want to visit a new place in Europe but have no idea where to begin, ask about it in here!

I want to make this group a hub for all things family camping. A group you can come to for advice and a group that answers your questions. So, if you have friends that are keen campers too, then invite them along. The more the merrier.

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Why Create Family camping Europe

As an ex-campsite worker for a big family camping brand, I like to think I know a thing or two about what families want from a campsite. However, I wanted to create a community for families to share their experiences too.

I’m also pregnant with my first child so I’m really excited to be creating a family based community. I plan for our baby to grow up in a world full of experiences and adventures – which I know camping will give them (like it gave me).

Why Join family Camping Europe

I really feel like this community could grow into something spectacular. With the world changing and natural ECO-friendly resorts coming to the forefront I think so many families will choose camping over other holiday types in the near future. And with peer reviews meaning so much more than paid advertisements what’s better than a forum to discuss, debate and decide.

The more camping loving members we get in the group, the more recommendations, reviews and experiences we’ll get. I really hope this group can become something we all find benefit from

To join, head to the Family Camping Europe group on Facebook []


Family camping Europe

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