French Inspired Gifts Your Loved Ones Will Adore

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French Themed Gifts in the UK 2019

Finding French inspired gifts for your relatives is no easy task which is why I’ve searched the internet and found all the best ones and listed them here for you. Whether you’re looking for a French inspired gift or a traditional birthday presents from France you’ll find it here.


French Inspired Christmas Presents for Everyone

We’ve all received bad gifts before, whether it’s the pair of socks from your great aunt or the gift from your grandad that “got lost in the post”. This year, buy your Francophile friend or family member a French inspired gift they’ll actually love. You won’t find any cheap, tat in this list of the best French Themed Gifts for 2019

French gifts For the cheese lover


In France, there’s a famous proverb that states “A meal without cheese is like a day without sunshine”. Le Fromage in France is taken very seriously, so if you’ve got a Francophile cheese lover in your life and you’re not sure what to buy them this year, take a look at these French inspired gifts for the cheese lover.

Cheese Cake

Get your favourite French cheese in the form of a layered cake! These are a hot new wedding trend in the UK, and why not! Perfect for dinner hosting amongst other French cheese lovers. Pong Cheese has a great selection of French cheeses for you to choose from and all you need to do is layer them up (harder cheeses at the bottom) and Voila!

<<View French Cheeses at>>

Raclette Grill

Raclette cheese, although actually Swiss, is very popular throughout France. With raclette specific parties and dinners at its most popular during the Christmas period, could a Raclette grill be the best festive French inspired gift for the cheese lover in your life?

<<View This raclette Grill on Amazon>>

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Brie Baker

I think Brie may be the most popular French cheese to hit Britain. Unsurprisingly from the Brie region of France this cheese is famed for its soft, creamy taste and pale colour. Although usually eaten cool/room temperature Brie can be baked in one of these bakers to give it an oozy melt, perfect for dipping.

<<View This Brie baker on Amazon>>

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To top off the French inspired cheese gifts I wanted to leave you with this cheese board. Every self-respecting Francophile dinner host should have a cheese board and this one is perfect. Not only is it bamboo and beautiful but it also comes with a slide out knife compartment.

<<View This Cheeseboard on Amazon>>

<<View Other Cheeseboards on Amazon>>

Gifts for the French food and wine lover

France is a country where eating and drinking are seen as pleasure rather than necessity. Eating as a large group in France is popular and Lunch is seen as the main meal of the day. so, for your French inspired gifts check out this list of perfect presents for the French food and wine lover.

Crepe Set

You may think of the humble crepe as a food to eat on the go, but in France crepe’s are a sit-down-meal kinda food. Head to any large town in France and you’ll find a whole host of creperies offering sweet and savoury crepes suitable for any taste buds. They’re the perfect lunchtime meal, so why not buy the French food lover in your life a Crepe set so they can perfect a tasty savoury crepe for your mid-day meal.

<<View This Crepe Set On Amazon>>

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Mussels pot

When I think back to holidays spent in France, I always think of mussels and although I can no longer buy them for the house (allergic husband) they’re a staple choice when we go out for dinner. For a French inspired gift, why not buy your loved one a couple of mussel pots and enjoy a taste of France from your dining room?

<<View This Mussel Pot On Amazon>>

<<View Other Mussel Pots On Amazon>>


French-style macaroons are hard to find outside of France. Why not buy your Francophile a truly French gift set so they can enjoy the sweet, meringue flavours of Paris. But don’t confuse the French macaroon with an American macaroon – they’re a completely different kind of delicacy.

<<View These Macaroons On Amazon>>

<<View Other Macaroons On Amazon>>

Expresso Sets

If you’ve ever ordered a coffee in France, you’ll be well aware that their standard portion sizes are well away from those of the UK. A standard French Cafe is in fact an Expresso (or Espresso as us Brits write it). If you’re looking for a French present for the coffee lover in your life then why not grab a beautiful French expresso kit

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French Press

The French love coffee. It’s very common to see people, before work, sat outside the local cafe enjoying a coffee, cigarette and a croissant (sometimes you’ll find them with a beer at 7am – but that’s a whole different kettle of fish). If you, or your loved one enjoys real, fresh coffee (not the instant, find it in a tub kind) then a French press could be a brilliant French inspired gift.

<<View This French Press On Amazon>>

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French bread Cutter


Traditional antique bread cutters like the one above are hard to find, however, Etsy holds a whole host on there for reasonable prices. If your loved one has a French themed kitchen but their missing that all-important piece then maybe you should buy them this suitable French themed gift.

<<View My Favourite Bread Cutter On Etsy>>

<<View Other Bread Cutters On Etsy>>

Oyster Knife

Although many of us Brits aren’t fans of Oysters the French are and they’re actually eaten as a part of their Christmas meal. If you’re having a French themed Christmas then it’s only right to ensure you’ve got the Oysters prepared and the right knives to shuck it open.

<<View Oyster Knives On Amazon>>

French Cookbook

Real French don’t need cookbooks, but us Francophiles are still learning. Invest in this simple French cookbook for your loved one and let them enjoy Haute cuisine for themselves.

<<View This CookBook on Amazon>>

<<View All French CookBooks on Amazon>>

Real French Champagne

Champagne is the only way to celebrate something big. Whether it’s a birthday, Christmas, new home, new job/new car pop a bottle in 2019. Only sparkling wine from the Champagne region of France has the right to be called champagne so it’s a traditionally French gift for your loved ones.

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Other French Inspired Gifts for Francophiles


You don’t have to love cheese and wine to be a true Francophile and there are plenty of other French inspired gifts you can get the France lover in your life this year

Love Lock Padlock

If you’ve ever been to Paris you will know about the Love Lock Bridge. The Pont Des Arts bridge over the River Seine is famed for its love notes written on padlocks and locked to the walls of the bridge and although French officials are trying to prevent the tradition why not “lock” your love with a French themed lovelock.

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French Soap

Savon de Marseille has been around for over 600 years. It’s the most famous soap in France and although a very cost effective gift it’s still a very loved French themed present. Made with olive oil, the soap is soft on the skin and developed with all natural ingredients.

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French Books

If your loved one is trying to perfect their language skills, invest in a learning book to help them develop their skills. I’ve found many that have helped me while learning and although not very festive, it’s a very practical French themed gift.

<<View All French learning Books On Amazon>>

Online French lessons


If books aren’t your loved ones thing, then how about an online course? Practice and learn at their speed and feel accomplishment when they receive a certificate at the end. Not only that, but when you next visit France, they can be the one ordering all the food and drinks.

<<View My Favourite Online French Learning Website>>

French Beret

Perfect your French image with a beret. Although very cliche, this French fashion statement isn’t just a stereotype and many French residents still wear Berets today. Thanks to Dior and other designers I don’t think the beret will ever lose its style and class in France.

<<View All French Berets on Amazon>>

French Travel book

Heading to Paris for new year? Then a French travel guide is the best gift you could buy your loved one this Christmas. Find hidden spots you may not have known about and have a handy guide at your fingertips. I know mobile phones and the internet have taken over from many handy pocket guides these days, but there’s still nothing like the feel of a real travel book.

<<View The Best Travel guides On Amazon>>

French Inspired Presents for Women


If you’re looking for a present for the Francophile woman in your life – look no further than this list of the best French inspired gifts for women

French Themed Clothes


Not only are stripey tops the hottest minimalist fashion item around, but now clothing with French phrases on is super fashionable too. Buy your loved one some of the above French themed clothing gifts and they’ll love you forever.

<<View My Favourite French Themed Clothes On Asos>>

French Perfume

There are two perfumes I love in this world, Alien and Angel. Both by Thierry Mugler and both French. France is the home of the worlds finest perfumes and cosmetics so if you’re looking for the perfect gift for a Francophile woman in your life, then perfume is most certainly it.

<<View My Favourite French Perfume on Amazon>>

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lovelock jewellery


I’ve already mentioned buying an actual love lock padlock, but how about a jewellery gift of one? Love lock necklaces, earrings and even charms are stunning and make the most beautiful French inspired gifts for women

<<View My Favourite LoveLock Necklace on Etsy>>

<<View All Love Lock Jewellery on Etsy>>

Novels about France

There’s nothing us women like more than relaxing and getting into a great romance novel. If the woman in your life enjoys reading, romance and France then a French themed Novel about France will keep her occupied for days.

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<<View All French Themed novels On Amazon>>

French Lingerie


Because a gift for your woman can also mean a gift for your eyes too. If you want to know what makes a French girl French, then take a look in her lingerie drawer (actually don’t – I think it’s illegal). French lingerie oozes that “je ne sais quoi” the French women are renowned for. If the woman in your life wants to dress like a French girl, then gift her the French themed present that gifts the both of you.

<<View My Favourite Lingerie Sets on Asos>>

French Women don’t get fat

Be careful who you buy this for. This book is about dieting, so don’t buy it for someone who is easily offended. If your friend is one of those constantly on a diet type, always reading the next diet book then she should give this a read. Not only is it pretty true, French women really don’t get fat, but it has recipes and anecdotes that she’ll love.

<<View This Book On Amazon>>

French style vintage jugs

For a French themed gift for a woman who loves flowers then these rustic French style jugs are perfect to fill with beautiful Provence lavender cuttings and to decorate a French themed living area, kitchen or even bathroom.

<<View This Vintage Jug on Amazon>>

<<View More French Vintage decor on Amazon>>

Pamplemousse Wine

Tacky, but lovely. Pamplemousse wine is drunk by young French women everywhere. I don’t know why, when there are so many lovely wines around, but these wines are like the blossom hills of France.

<<View this Wine on Amazon>>

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French Inspired Presents for Men


I find men some of the hardest people on earth to buy gifts for. If you do too, hopefully this list will give you some inspiration to buy a man in your life the best French inspired gift for men.

French themed Socks


I know I said socks were a cheesy gift earlier, but men are and always will be difficult to buy for. Socks are something men always need because if they’re anything like my husband, they always need more. These socks are the most charming French inspired gift for men.

<<View My Favourite French Socks on Etsy>>

Le coq Sportif Clothing

Red white and blue, The French flag is recognised everywhere, so is the Le Coq Sportif Clothing logo. The athletic rooster trademark is one of the most popular in sportswear. If you have an active francophile man in your life, buy him a practical French themed gift he will get some sporting use from.

<<View All Le Coq Sportif Clothing on Amazon>>

French aftershave

There’s a stereotype that French men smell, they do, but what they smell of is beautiful colognes and aftershaves. France, the home of luxurious fragrances, why buy your man any other French inspired gift when you can buy him some French cologne?

<<View All French Mens Fragrance on Amazon>>

Petanque set

One of the most famous pastimes in France. The sport not dissimilar from Boules is played throughout France in dedicated areas called boulodromes. If the France loving man in your life wants to be a little more French, then a luxurious petanque set is what he needs this year.

<<View This Petanque Set On Amazon>>

<<View All Petanque Sets On Amazon>>

French Cufflinks


French men are stylish and fashionable. I’ve noticed it’s actually far more common to find men’s clothing stores here in France than it is in the UK. If your Francophile man is looking for a stylish and traditional French inspired gift this year, then buy him some French Franc cufflinks.

<<View My Favourite Cufflinks on Etsy>>

French Football Shirt

Current holders of the world cup, France’s football team are incredible. 20 years after winning in 1998 they did it again and what a celebration they had. If the man in your life wants to be more French, then he needs to get into French football. The country holds a lot of pride over its blues.

<<View French Football Shirts on Amazon>>

Crate of French Beer

My husband loves French beer, I sometimes wonder if that’s why we moved here? A box of French stubby’s cost literally nothing and keep him occupied for a good couple of days. If a man in your life enjoys a beer then think about buying a crate of stubby’s for a French-themed gift or, if stubby’s aren’t his thing then how about some 1664 or Pelforth

<<View All French Beer on Amazon>>

French Inspired Presents for Children


Want your kids to start learning about french culture early on? Then buying the a great French inspired gift for children is the way to go about it!

French Dress-up

If your child loves France and the French then why not get them a French dressing up kit. As a child I grew up being dressed in striped tops and berets and now I live here! Pick up a fancy dress kit for your child and give them the best French themed present for children.

<<View This Fancy dress Kit on Amazon>>

<<View All French Fancy dress on Amazon>>

Lego Eiffel tower

Because every child should have lego. It doesn’t matter the age, Eiffel Tower Lego is the perfect French themed gift for your child this year.

<<View Eiffel Tower Lego on Amazon>>

French short stories and nursery rhymes

One of the best ways for children to learn a new language is through reading , watching and nursery rhymes. If you’re thinking of moving to France but you want to get your children involved, buy them some short French themed stories or even short stories in French.

<<View All French Books for Kids on Amazon>>

Learn French Set

Growing up my Nan used to teach me French with early learning books. Before I started French lessons at school I already had a base knowledge due to the words and phrases she taught me. If you’re planning to move to France or child has a keen interest in learning the French language then this could be the best French gift to buy your child this year

<<View All French Learning for Kids on Amazon>>

Novelty French Gifts under £20


Looking for a novelty French themed secret Santa gift to buy your friend or colleague this Christmas? Here’s where you’ll find it.

Not under £20 but a beautiful novelty gift

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      Oh my goodness, they’re too good right? We went to a “Cheese Mountain” party over the weekend – I thought the Cheese cakes were crazy enough, but no, this guy had a frikkin mountain!

  • Reply Rhian westbury November 12, 2018 at 7:14 pm

    Some really great gifts here, especially the cheese based gifts as I love cheese. My family are huge foodies so a lot of these would be great x

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    Such a unique gift guide and a perfect fit for me someone who loves bread and cheese!

    • Reply Brie November 27, 2018 at 4:30 pm

      Thank you Elizabeth, I’m glad you like it. If you like French bread, never make the same mistake as me and move in next door to a boulanger – I’m going to gain so much weight this year hahaha xxx

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    Oh wow I love this gift guide! I love all things French, especially cheese, which is why I would be happy to have any of the gifts under the tree this year!

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      Thank you Laura! I’m hoping my husband reads it and get’s me atleast 20 items 😉 xxx

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      Thank you Dena, I had no idea either until I compiled all my favourite things together. (who doesn’t love cheese!) xx

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      Thank you so much! Who wouldn’t love a layered cake of French cheese for Christmas? I’ve even seen ones made with vegan cheeses xxx

  • Reply Fatima has November 15, 2018 at 5:05 am

    You’ve complied such a brilliant list of presents! I love receiving presents and there are many favourites in the list, especially the crepe maker.

    • Reply Brie November 27, 2018 at 4:26 pm

      Thank you <3 I really feel like crepes remind me of France and especially Christmas in France xxx

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