Your Next Holiday in a Beautiful Penthouse at SeaTerra Reserve Complex, Tatlisu, Northern Cyprus


I know you all like to holiday and explore new places, how do you feel about a holiday let in Cyprus?

My dad is renting his cyprus holiday home out to guests and I thought, hey – why not share a post about it on the blogosphere.

I imagine the majority of my readers enjoy the sunshine, Instagram worthy photos and relaxing by the pool – and this penthouse apartment in Cyprus has all that and so much more.

Where is this amazing sounding holiday home, I hear you ask? Tatlisu :


Located in Tatlisu, Northern Cyprus. The area has around 1,500 inhabitants and is accessible via car. Set at 743 meters above sea level, the village boasts panoramic scenery of the beautiful coastline, which you can see in the video below.

There are a few shops and restaurants in the village, but really, this is the place to escape the hustle and bustle of work life and just chill out a bit.

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The penthouse apartment is located just minutes from the beautiful eastern Mediterranean coastline and is surrounded by fairy tale castles and picturesque scenery, so don’t forget your camera.

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What facilities does this holiday let in the SeaTerra Reserve Complex Cyprus have?

This holiday home is part of the Sea Terra Reserve complex which features a wide range of facilities. Onsite you have:

  • 2 outdoor pools
  • 1 Indoor pool
  • Bar
  • Restaurant
  • Gym
  • Crazy Golf
  • Games Suite
  • Childrens Play area
  • Landscaped gardens
  • Gated security
  • Mini Market
  • Sauna and Jacuzzi
  • Free Wifi
  • Bikes available FREE  of charge for the fantastic sea rides or mountain trails

And just off-site you have access to the beautiful pebble and sandy beaches as well as a championship level golf course.

What facilities does the penthouse apartment itself have?

This one bedroom apartment is fully furnished, has TWO beautiful large terraces to enjoy the incredible scenery and has a sofa bed in the living room so can sleep up to 4 people. The fully equipped bathroom has a shower and bath, to make holiday relaxing that little bit easier. And, the large kitchen has all the facilities you need while on holiday including:

  • Kettle
  • Toaster
  • Fridge Freezer
  • Oven & Hob
  • Plenty of cupboard space

penthouse-apartment-for-holiday-let-at-Sea-Terra-Reserve-Tatlisu-North-Cyprus--(1)penthouse-apartment-for-holiday-let-at-Sea-Terra-Reserve-Tatlisu-North-Cyprus--(2) penthouse-apartment-for-holiday-let-at-Sea-Terra-Reserve-Tatlisu-North-Cyprus--(3) penthouse-apartment-for-holiday-let-at-Sea-Terra-Reserve-Tatlisu-North-Cyprus--(4)penthouse-apartment-for-holiday-let-at-Sea-Terra-Reserve-Tatlisu-North-Cyprus--(5) penthouse-apartment-for-holiday-let-at-Sea-Terra-Reserve-Tatlisu-North-Cyprus--(6) penthouse-apartment-for-holiday-let-at-Sea-Terra-Reserve-Tatlisu-North-Cyprus--(7) penthouse-apartment-for-holiday-let-at-Sea-Terra-Reserve-Tatlisu-North-Cyprus--(8) penthouse-apartment-for-holiday-let-at-Sea-Terra-Reserve-Tatlisu-North-Cyprus--(9) penthouse-apartment-for-holiday-let-at-Sea-Terra-Reserve-Tatlisu-North-Cyprus--(10) penthouse-apartment-for-holiday-let-at-Sea-Terra-Reserve-Tatlisu-North-Cyprus--(11) penthouse-apartment-for-holiday-let-at-Sea-Terra-Reserve-Tatlisu-North-Cyprus--(12) penthouse-apartment-for-holiday-let-at-Sea-Terra-Reserve-Tatlisu-North-Cyprus--(13) penthouse-apartment-for-holiday-let-at-Sea-Terra-Reserve-Tatlisu-North-Cyprus--(14) penthouse-apartment-for-holiday-let-at-Sea-Terra-Reserve-Tatlisu-North-Cyprus--(15) penthouse-apartment-for-holiday-let-at-Sea-Terra-Reserve-Tatlisu-North-Cyprus--(15) penthouse-apartment-for-holiday-let-at-Sea-Terra-Reserve-Tatlisu-North-Cyprus--(17) penthouse-apartment-for-holiday-let-at-Sea-Terra-Reserve-Tatlisu-North-Cyprus--(18) penthouse-apartment-for-holiday-let-at-Sea-Terra-Reserve-Tatlisu-North-Cyprus--(19)

(Full Size Images at the bottom of the page)

Is this holiday just suitable for families, or is it good for young couples too?

During the height of Summer and school holidays – You’ll definitely find this resort packed with families and it’s a great space for them as there is so many things to keep them occupied. However, that doesn’t mean only families should visit. The complex is open all year round and outside of school holidays this places is perfect for a relaxing solo break, a couples holiday or even a group of friends.

Where can you explore nearby?

You can explore the beaches and village of Tatlisu or explore a little further and visit:



  • Kyrenia Animal Rescue
  • Kitesurfing (Bafra and Kyrenia beaches)
  • Windsurfing (Bafra and Kyrenia beaches)
  • Para sailing (Bafra and Kyrenia beaches)
  • Jetski Hire (Bafra and Kyrenia beaches)
  • Diving (Bafra and Kyrenia beaches)
  • Snorkeling (Bafra and Kyrenia beaches)

Bars & Restaurants:

How can you book this holiday let?

Get in contact with me via Facebook or leave a comment below and I can forward your details to my dad.

penthouse-apartment-for-holiday-let-at-Sea-Terra-Reserve-Tatlisu-North-Cyprus--(19)penthouse-apartment-for-holiday-let-at-Sea-Terra-Reserve-Tatlisu-North-Cyprus--(18) penthouse-apartment-for-holiday-let-at-Sea-Terra-Reserve-Tatlisu-North-Cyprus--(17) penthouse-apartment-for-holiday-let-at-Sea-Terra-Reserve-Tatlisu-North-Cyprus--(15) penthouse-apartment-for-holiday-let-at-Sea-Terra-Reserve-Tatlisu-North-Cyprus--(15) penthouse-apartment-for-holiday-let-at-Sea-Terra-Reserve-Tatlisu-North-Cyprus--(14) penthouse-apartment-for-holiday-let-at-Sea-Terra-Reserve-Tatlisu-North-Cyprus--(13) penthouse-apartment-for-holiday-let-at-Sea-Terra-Reserve-Tatlisu-North-Cyprus--(12) penthouse-apartment-for-holiday-let-at-Sea-Terra-Reserve-Tatlisu-North-Cyprus--(11) penthouse-apartment-for-holiday-let-at-Sea-Terra-Reserve-Tatlisu-North-Cyprus--(10) penthouse-apartment-for-holiday-let-at-Sea-Terra-Reserve-Tatlisu-North-Cyprus--(9) penthouse-apartment-for-holiday-let-at-Sea-Terra-Reserve-Tatlisu-North-Cyprus--(8) penthouse-apartment-for-holiday-let-at-Sea-Terra-Reserve-Tatlisu-North-Cyprus--(7) penthouse-apartment-for-holiday-let-at-Sea-Terra-Reserve-Tatlisu-North-Cyprus--(6) penthouse-apartment-for-holiday-let-at-Sea-Terra-Reserve-Tatlisu-North-Cyprus--(5) penthouse-apartment-for-holiday-let-at-Sea-Terra-Reserve-Tatlisu-North-Cyprus--(4) penthouse-apartment-for-holiday-let-at-Sea-Terra-Reserve-Tatlisu-North-Cyprus--(3) penthouse-apartment-for-holiday-let-at-Sea-Terra-Reserve-Tatlisu-North-Cyprus--(2) penthouse-apartment-for-holiday-let-at-Sea-Terra-Reserve-Tatlisu-North-Cyprus--(1)


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