The Top 10 Most Instagrammable Places In The South Of France

Insta locations in The South of France – Think sand, sea sun and expensive yachts… But where can you go to get a decent shot for your instagram feed?

France is beautiful. No doubt about it. There’s plenty of places to visit to get that perfect Insta-worthy shot.

But, if you’re visiting The South of France and want a perfect holiday grid, then get snap happy in my top 10 locations:

1 The Gorges Du Verdon:

Gorges du verdon instagram

Let’s start here. The Gorges Du Verdon: One of the most stunning places you’ll visit in the South of France. Maybe even the world? A river canyon, which is considered to be Europe’s most beautiful. With stunning turquoise water, you will definitely get your Insta worthy shot here.

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2 Les Cascades de Sillans

Les Cascades de Sillans for instagram

Close to the Verdon Gorge, you can take a small trip to the beautiful Les Cascades de Sillans. When people tell you the only good waterfalls are in Asia – they’re lying! Because believe me – you’re going to love this one. With more turquoise water and a lot less tourists, this spot could solidify your grid. However, the water is pretty chilly!

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3 Pont Du Gard

pont du gard avignon for instagram

Heading slightly west, near the beautiful town of Avignon is another insta favourite spot, The Pont Du Gard. This beautiful aqueduct is an architectural masterpiece. Standing at 50m high and across 3 different levels, this beautiful bridge is 360m long. You can walk along the bridge, hike up the hills nearby, or even scale some rocks underneath to get the perfect insta-worthy shot.

4 Saint Guilhem le Desert

Saint Guilhem le Desert for instagram

Situated near another Gorge, this time the Herault, sits a charming village called Saint-Guilhem-le-Désert. Voted one of the most beautiful villages in France, it’s easy to get lost in the beautiful, narrow, winding paths. Stop for a coffee, or an ice-cream and get insta happy.

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5 Pont du diable

pont du diable herault for instagram

View from the bridge

Next to the village of Saint-Guilhem-le-Désert, over the mouth of the Herault gorges sits “The Devils Bridge”. A world-heritage site due to its part in the “Routes of Santiago de Compostela”, this bridge was constructed by Benedict monks in the 11th century and has a dark historical legend, which you can read here.

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6 Carcassonne

Cité de Carcassonne for instagram

One of the most famous towns in France, and Beautifully instagramable. The famous Cité de Carcassonne, a medieval fortress, is what makes Carcassonne the most Instagrammable walled town. With tons of history, your insta fans can be wowed by the beautiful scenery featured in the climax of Robin hood: Prince of thieves

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7 Calanque d’En-Vau – Cassis

Calanques marseille cassis for instagram

Marseille hasn’t always had the best reputation. Some tourists I speak to say it’s scary, dirty and rough, while others say it’s beautiful and fantastic. What we can all agree on, is that on the outskirts of Marseille sits the beautiful Cassis. The famous cliffs (les calanques) are what attracts tons of tourists to the commune daily. Perfect to fill your Instagram grid with photos of Hiking, clear beaches, beautiful rocks and small cove beaches.

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8 Le Salin de Gruissan

Le Salin de Gruissan a boat with pink water blue sky for instagram

Ok, so – maybe this isn’t beautiful cliffs, bridges, towns or bright blue water. However, what it is, is pink. That’s right…pink! Especially great if you have a pink themed instagram grid, these salt flats at Le Salin de Gruissan are a stunning place to take some location based snaps. Plus, there are restaurants, museums and salt boutiques on site. So if you want some snaps of blue sky meeting a pink sea? This is your place!

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9 Monaco

Monaco for instagram

So not strictly France. However, it’s still classed as the French riviera, so I’m sharing it anyway. This is the perfect Instagrammable location in The South of France because, here’s where you’re going to find your yacht shots. There is richness everywhere. From the Japanese gardens to Monte Carlo casino, there’s so much variety. So whatever your instagram feed looks like, there’s something here for you to post.

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10 Montpellier

the arc du triomphe of montpellier

I couldn’t make a post without featuring my home – Montpellier. You already know the South of France is beautiful, but how about the big cities? Nice, Marseille and Montpellier are the 3 largest cities on the South coast of France. Maybe I’m biased, but exploring the centre of Montpellier is way better than exploring the others. With grand architecture, lots of green space and beaches Montpellier has my heart and my Instagram feed.

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Where have you been?

You should have enough locations to keep your camera phone happy over your travels, but let me know if you find any other locations that you think deserve a shout! I’m always looking to travel and explore new places here in the South of France.


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