What to take to the campsite pool this Summer

Summer has officially arrived and as you start packing your holiday luggage, you should start thinking about what to take to the campsite pool. Camping holidays are some of the best fun. They’re all about exploring, spending quality family time and generally being a little bit more active than your bog standard all-inclusive resort.

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But what about pool days?

Here I’ve listed my top 12 favourite campsite pool items you should be packing this 2018. Knowing what to take to the campsite pool couldn’t be any easier!

Waterproof Playing cards:

Snap, Uno, Shithead – Even if the campsite pool doesn’t allow inflatables, who says the fun needs to end? These waterproof cards can be used around the campsite pool, in the pool, at the beach, in the jacuzzi – anywhere the water go’s. They’re one of my top items to take to the campsite pool because they’re small, easily transportable and great fun to play with.

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Go Pong Beer Pong:

Ok, so this may not be suitable for ALL camping holidays, but if you’re on a more “adult” campsite with a pool that allows inflatables – then Go Pong Beer Pong is your go to. Not only is it a floating beer pong table, but it can also be transformed into a lilo too. Pool parties will never be the same, order a few and set up beer pong championships for the whole campsite.

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Waterproof Phone Bag:

How else are you going to take super hot campsite pool photos without one of these waterproof phone bags? Bring your phone right into the pool and even take some underwater snaps. And they’re not just good for photo taking. Whether you want to catch up on your emails in the jacuzzi, take your kindle books to the campsite pool or just read more of my blog around the pools edge – you need one of these.

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Mandala Beach Towel

These round towels/mats are so in fashion right now. Take the bohemian vibes to the campsite pool this Summer and be the envy of all the other guests. I’m loving the bright coloured styles, but the other styles are also: speedy to dry, microfiber, comfortable, blankety towels. Take yours to the campsite pool and sit in style all afternoon.

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Waterproof Sports Watch:

If you want to stay ahead with your fitness game, but the thought of exercising on a camping holiday fills your brain with dread, then swim. That’s right, swimming has so many health benefits and is great for cardio fitness, stretching and bodyweight exercise all at once. So if you want to use the stopwatch function, measure your heart rate and track your swimming exercise from the campsite pool, then investing in a sporty smart watch maybe your way forward.

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Cheesy inflatables:

Every princess needs a unicorn and every prince needs his pizza slice. Seriously, you can’t even open instagram without a model on a float. These. Are. So. In! And thanks to all the hype, the cost has been getting more and more affordable. So bring your bikini, head down to the campsite pool and get inflating – You may want to invest in a pump, because some of these are mahooosive!

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Getting in and out the foot pool whilst wearing socks and trainers is a nightmare for anyone. I get it, you’re on a campsite, you only packed shoes for muddy weather, but seriously? Flipflops are small, they can slide in your luggage easily and are so necessary for the campsite pools as well as the shower blocks. You’ll realise after day one, just how important a good pair of flip flops are for campsite life. The only decision now, is what style to buy…

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Alcohol Concealer:

So a lot of campsites don’t allow drinks around the pool side. I get it, they can be sticky, look messy and obviously the sites want to make money from their own bars. BUT – if you don’t want to play ball then these sneaky sun lotion bottles are actually alcohol flasks! Who’s going to suspect the sun lotion?

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Sexy swimwear:

This goes for both sexes. You can read my post on the best swimwear for curvy girls here, but there are so many fashionable styles around this Summer. Just head over to next or Asos and check out their recommended and yes guys – Budgie smugglers are making a comeback – great for some, not so for the majority!

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Style yourself with some super slick beach bags. Taking some books to laze around the campsite pool and read has never been easier, and of course, you need somewhere for your “sun lotion” *chough* **alcohol**!

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You might think your head doesn’t need protection, but after blistering my head so bad already this year then I’m recommending you invest in a hat. Guys, there are plenty of caps and girls? You have a plethora of sexy summer hats to choose from. I love big floppy straw hats like this one on Asos.

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Reading Sun Lounger:

Reading by the campsite pool is one of the best ways to pass some time – but have you ever noticed how difficult it can be to position yourself? With one of these sun loungers, you can literally (and comfortably) stick your head out the bottom – making it a perfect campsite accessory!

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Enjoy it, now you know what to take to the campsite pool!

So, I hope you’ve got enough information on what to take to the campsite pool this Summer. Remember to stay safe, don’t drink too much alcohol in the sun and always wear sun lotion (the real sun lotion this time), but most of all enjoy the holiday. Take a break from the world and enjoy your time at the campsite pool! Let me know where you’re heading this Summer!

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